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March, 11, 2014




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A lot of interesting information about dogs has been presented in our previous newsletters and today we would like to dwell on some interesting facts about our four-footed friends. As the saying goes: ‘’Dogs are man’s best friends’’. They are wonderful domestic animals that offer a number of benefits and pleasure. Enjoy these fun facts that will give you a great variety of information about interesting dog breeds, puppies etc:


1) It is known that there are around 400 million dogs in the world;

2) Dogs perform different useful activities for humanity, such as farm work, security as well as assisting people with disabilities such as the blind etc.;

3) Dogs have superior hearing than humans;

4) According to the facts, the most popular dog breed in the world is Labrador. With their gentle nature, obedience, intelligence and endless energy, they are excellent family pets and reliable workers. They are often a common choice as guide dogs.


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