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K-9 Conan – Kansas(Badge On My Collar)

Many a white dog has been passed over when it came to selecting a K-9 partner. When a pure white German shepherd dog was born in 1988, he could not have known he was destined to be an inductee into the prestigious White German Shepherd Dog Hall of Fame. In fact, when he joined the Saint Louis, Missouri, Police Department at age two, he was a real novice embarking on a career that could have taken any direction.

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One night he stopped a car for a traffic violation after noticing that the car had bad license plates. Upon checking them, he found they were not the plates issued to that particular car. The car had dark tinted windows, and Ed strained his eyes to see only two occupants inside. He got the driver out of the car to “discuss his sinful ways,” and before he knew it, another, then another, and yet still another occupant got out of the car. With one purpose in mind, they started to surround him. When he could only see the driver due to the dark windows, Ed had no fear. But when the others got out of the car, Ed wished he had Conan with him.

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